Think Strategically - Then Action

Today you have an opportunity to see some of our advantages.
Our experience is the base for your innovation.

We endeavour to add the success factor to New Zealand business — facilitating and unlocking the potential in small business through the application of strategic management tools.

• Passionate about organisations
• Can lead small and corporate organisations
• Contribute to communities and the broader society
• Knowledgeable and effective in international environments
• Recognise ethical issues and apply reasoning skills to address them

We extend this expertise to SMB organizations in New Zealand.


Business Development during Economic downturn


“The open and considered approach to IT recommendations and consistent quality in the implementation of solutions, go a long way to building confidence in the company ability and commitment.”
Mr. Hilton Robinson


"His company provided us with IT support for our network. This often required work outside of normal operating hours and under stressful conditions, Michael undertook all projects with a professional approach"
Mr. Mark Hughson

(Hughson and Associates)

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In Business

Analyse business and identify constraints. Offer a path to sustainable activity

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Business development, leadership vision and mission

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