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Business Models.

In our changing business environment it may be nessasary to transform your business model to maintain the competitive edge. This step must not be considered lightly, you need a deep understanding of your industry characteristics, your company’s strategic priorities, and the business operating model. You also need to have an understanding of the capabilities and constraints of your organisation and what you are targeting. Finally, you need to be decisive while maintaining the support of leadership.
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Adapted from: Wang, K. W. (2011). The IT factor in a global business transformation: An interview with Lenovo’s CIO. Source: Business Technology Office Kevin Wei Wang interview with is a principal in McKinsey’s Shanghai office


Strategic thinking is in its very essence questioning, challenging, unconventional and innovative.

Change management.

People make up organizations and are therefore central to any change plan in your business model. Identifying what your change program’s pivotal role is and making sure that the people affected have both the tools and the willingness to change is often essential to ensuring that the rest of the organization changes. The task is executed easier and faster if the key people are identified with the right skills and attitude to set the plan motion.

The change program must be complete and ensure that the goals of the change program are clear and meaningful. The people in the pivotal roles guiding the changes in the organization must be well connected to clearly and comprehensively communicate the changes. Otherwise, the initial positive momentum will be lost—no one can create meaningful change in a vacuum.


We can assist you with your technology, provide desktop support and ensure your business has the right tools to drive your business strategy. We put the emphasis on the work and flexibility of delivering quality results.

Information Technology.

Today it is important for modern businesses to effectively leverage technology to be more effective in the appropriate areas of business. The technology should be fit for purpose, managed effectively, well supported, and proactively maintained. An audit from our business partners Compu-IT or Cloud Solutions will review these and many other relevant areas. We want to help you set a fresh strategy or update what you have and then help you execute the plan - An audit project should be a key part of that process. Contact us now to discuss how we can help.